camigraphie Itsuo Tsuda les poissons dans l'eau


calligraphie itsuo tsuda les poissons dans l'eauEvery year for the annual summer workshop, the school presents a calligraphy of Itsuo Tsuda set on a kakemono (Japanese framing).

This is an opportunity to (re)discover these traces, these teaching left to us.

During the summer workshop that has just ended, we could enjoy the calligraphy « The fish in the water, » for which Itsuo Tsuda was inspired by this tale by Tchouang-tseu

Tchouang-tseu and Hui Tzu were walking on a bridge over the Hao river. Tchouang-tseu said, « You see how minnows stroll around! This is the actual joy of fish.
– You’re not a fish, said Hui Tzu. How do you know what can be the joy of a fish?
– You’re not me, replied Tchouang-tseu. How do you know that I do not know what is the joy of a fish?
– I’m not you, says Hui-tzu, and certainly I do not know what you do know or not. But surely you’re not a fish, it is obvious that you do not know what is the joy of a fish.
– let’s go back, says Tchouang-tseu, to our first question. You asked me: how do you know which is the joy of a fish? So you have assumed that I knew, since you have asked me how. How do I know?

Direct observation on the bridge of the Hao river.