Itsuo Tsuda at the Sorbonne

lecture sorbonne itsuo tsuda

80 years later, Itsuo Tsuda is back at the Sorbonne

A bridge between the East and the West, Reading-Meeting

Marking a profound consideration on the major developments in human thought, Itsuo Tsuda rosses East and West and places the ki in the center of his research

Itsuo Tsuda came to France in 1934 and studied at the Sorbonne with the sinologist Marcel Granet and sociologist Marcel Mauss. In 1940, back in Japan, he then became interested in the cultural aspects of his country,like the recitation of Noh, the Seitai technique and Aikido. In the 70s, he starts spreading his ideas on the ki in Europe and publishes new books in French.

Creating a bridge between East and West, he was able to develop and present the knowledge he was given by his teachers. A challenge where the human being is considered beyond time, place and tradition. The human being as such. Life in its many aspects. Itsuo Tsuda offers a way to awaken the sensitivity and to find inner freedom.

This meeting/reading, hosted by Regis Soavi, speaker and aikido teacher, direct student of Itsuo Tsuda, and by Yan Allegret, writer and actor, will be the occasion to discover this path.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 19:30 at the Amphitheatre Guizot

17, rue de la Sorbonne Paris 75005

Free admission by reservation request via cultural services: