A text by Haruchika Noguchi, founder of Seitai.

« The kokoro that resides deep within man, has invaluable faculties; its possibilities are so endless and inexhaustible that even if we put together all the ki and we make it concentrated we will never end being incapable or helpless. Everything begins to change, not just the body, when the ki focuses and concentrates in the kokoro. Those who practice it told me after the changes experienced.

kokoro haruchika noguchi
kokoro Haruchika Noguchi Haruchika Noguchi Photo: Seitai Kyokai

Many associate the word kokoro to willpower, but it in fact it does not have its own virtue;  on the other hand, instead of pretending to achieve something by willpower force if we simply visualize that we are going to get there, our wish comes true. Anyone knowing how to use his kokoro will see the realization of his wishes.

Since the dawn of time up to now, human being has invented countless things. Here is a table. It has not been around forever, it was created by the use of visualization. Visualization always precedes what will then exist; the word comes just after. If we proceed in this order, step by step, without deviation and with firmness, our wish will be fulfilled. Only then the various worlds in which humanity evolves will widen further. Mankind is like that.

Anyone who does not feel this eruption of desire in his kokoro is close to the end; even if he keeps alive he is already half dead. Anyone who does not experiment new desires becomes loose and with a lack of energy. If everyone realizes that it is thanks to the kokoro that new paths opens in life, if those who know would multiplies, I would feel a great joy.

I  see lately the eyes of children in kindergarten: how many have already lost their shine! And even more among children in the primary school. This is due, I think, to the fact that they are already conditioned by the instruction received, they have lost motivation, they have killed their desire. What a pity. If we all would work together to create a world in which the eyes of all the children and young people would be more shining, and those also would reflect on ours eyes as those surround us, the world would become more alive and cheerful.  »

Text from the Zensei magazine (Barcelona) # 28 (1st Quarter 1982)
Translated from Spanish into French and Italian by the School Itsuo Tsuda
Spanish title: EL CORAZON
Author Haruchika Noguchi