Aikido demonstration

« Breathing, in my experience, is the very foundation of Aikido. »
Itsuo Tsuda The Path of less
12642888_741882999280519_8659533301302351964_nThe teaching that we have received and continue to receive allows us to experience that, when we are quite in our dojo, which is valuable because it helps, but even when we are away, as it is within us.
A demo session of Aikido was organized by Bodai Dojo, on the 30th of January 2016. And it was a real pleasure for all those who took part of it. Starting from from February there will be a session every Wednesday at 20 pm for those who want to discover the Aikido of the School of Itsuo Tsuda. The dojo that hosted us, and that will be our home for regular practice is a dojo where they practice Judo essentially. It is located in Francavilla, 250 km from Rome on the other side of the Adriatic Sea, and lies on the border with Pescara, where the dojo Bodai has already organized a reading with the presentation of the new Yume edition of « the Non Doing » and a workshop to introduce to Katsugen Undo.
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