seitaiThe aim of the Seitai-dō seminars is to enable participants to discover or go deeper into the rich teachings of Master Haruchika Noguchi as transmitted to us by Itsuo Tsuda.

The perspective is not to disseminate a theoretical or ideological teaching about Seitai, but to see it in its approach to daily life.

So the lectures and demonstrations will deal with many aspects, such as the different ways in which Yuki (the passing on of ki) can be done, as a separate exercise as well as in the mutual Regenerating Movement, and of course in our daily life. The art of the hot bath, the Taiheki, pregnancy, the art of childbirth and the care given to babies during their first years, education with its richness and difficulties, the approach to illness etc. All these issues viewed in the perspective of normalizing the individual’s terrain, or of maintaining a normal terrain in the case of children.This is about retrieving our sensitivity which has been lost or has become blunt, about reactivating our vital capacity. But it is also about understanding better how to put our voluntary system at the service of the unvoluntary, accepting that the normalization of the terrain be a gradual process, and not considering the practise of the Movement as a lifebuoy to be used in case of emergency.

If the practise of the Regenerating Movement (Katsugen undo) remains the basis of my teaching during seminars, I have always favoured a more global vision, which to my mind corresponds better to the needs of the individuals. The practise of the unvoluntary movement, through the activation of the extra-pyramidal motor system, that way becomes a minimum and Seitai may then be seen as a path (Dō )

Régis Soavi