Workshops by Régis Soavi Sensei 2019/2020

Régis Soavi regularly conducts workshops at the dojos in Milano, Paris, Toulouse and Rome, and during the summer workshop of the Itsuo Tsuda School in Mas d’Azil (France). Two different types of workshops are given: workshops of Aikido and Katsugen Undo (Regenerating Movement), and workshops Seitai-dō.

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Workshops Calendar 2019-2020


September 13-15
November 15-17
January 15-19 "Seitai-Do"
March 06-08
April 29- May 03 "Seitai-Do"
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> dojo Tenshin

September 27-29
November 29 - December 1
January 31 -February 02
April 03-05
May 15-17
> registration
> dojo Scuola della Respirazione

October 11-13
December 13-15
February 14-16
April 17-19
May 29-31
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> dojo Yuki Hō
Le Mas d'Azil

2019 July 14-27
2020 July 12-25
> the Summer Workshop

March 20-22
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> dojo Bodai


Aikido and Katsugen Undo

regis soavi portrait aikidoThese 3-day workshops take place as follows:

Friday 18:30Aïkido
20:00Katsugen Undo
Saturday 08:00Aïkido
10:00Katsugen Undo
18:30Ame no Ukihashi ken
20:00Katsugen Undo
10:00Katsugen Undo

Clothes for Aïkido: kimono.
Clothes for Katsugen Undo: comfortable clothes.
Workshop duration: 3 days. Registration at 6pm on Friday.
Contribution: 130€. Under 18: 105€.

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These workshops are marked in the workshop calendar with ‘*’.

The aim of the Seitai-dō workshops is to allow participants to discover or go deeper into the rich teachings of Haruchika Noguchi as transmitted to us by Itsuo Tsuda.

Wednesday to Saturday19:30Talks followed by a session of Katsugen Undo
Sunday10:00Talks followed by a session of Katsugen Undo

Clothes for Katsugen Undo: comfortable clothes.
Workshop duration: 5 days. Registration at 7pm on Wednesday.
Contribution: 150€. Under 18: 115€.