Our School presents an Aikido practice following the orientation given by Itsuo Tsuda and conveyed today by Régis Soavi.

Itsuo Tsuda took learning directly from O’Sensei Morihei Ueshiba during the last ten years of the latter’s life. Itsuo Tsuda retained neither the sport nor the martial art aspects of Aikido, but rather the possibility this art gives for carrying out an internal and personal search. To deepen further, we suggest reading this article:

Kokyu Nage

“The word Kokyu may be translated into English as ‘respiration’, since Ko is equivalent to breathing out, and Kyu to breathing in. It’s the union of these two phenomena which engenders respiration. But for Tsuda Sensei, the word Kokyu extends far beyond the biochemical or gymnastic conception of respiration.” Read more here

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