The Itsuo Tsuda School

L'École Itsuo Tsuda The Itsuo Tsuda School is dedicated to spreading Itsuo Tsuda’s practical philosophy and gathers today nine dojos, some of which have been existing for more than thirty years: Paris, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Toulouse, Ancona, Mas d’Azil, Turin and Blois.

It is a association (created thanks to the French « 1901 law ») bringing together the individual persons who recognize themselves in what is above all a philosophy of a practical kind, as phrased more particularly in the works of Master Itsuo Tsuda and as it continues to be transmitted by Régis Soavi Sensei.

The School originated in a need and a desire from many people practising in the dojos throughout Europe to unify so as to make this transmission even more possible and to share it in daily life.

The dojos are solely designed for the practice of Aikido and Katsugen Undo (Regenerating movement). They are independent associations run by the members themselves which developped over the years close links and started collaborating so as to carry out projects of larger scope.

The Itsuo Tsuda School does not intend to be a higher authority of some sort, but rather to offer the possibility of a link with a certain trend of thought, with something achieved in a cooperative process.

The Itsuo Tsuda School was registered in June 2005, according to the French law (loi 1901)