Regenerating Movement

Katsugen Undo (translated as Regenerating Movement) is an exercise of the involuntary system. It was developed in Japan by Haruchika Noguchi and was spread to Europe in the seventies by Itsuo Tsuda. This practice aims at training one’s involuntary system and is fully in line with Haruchika Noguchi’s conception of Seitai, in that it allows one’s body to recover its ability to readjust itself on its own. For more on the philosophy of Seitai and on the history of this practice: click here.

One can view the Regenerating Movement as a way to restore the body’s resilience, a manifestation of an internal work that has been part of the human body since its origin. Itsuo Tsuda would say: “there exist two forms of regenerating movement: one, common to everyone, consists of natural reactions of our organism such as yawning, sneezing, movements and agitation during sleep, etc. The other was developed by Master Haruchika Noguchi.”

To go further into the matter, we suggest you read the text (written by Itsuo Tsuda) What is Regenerating Movement?

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