Calligraphy’s Exhibition in Rome

P1060390Tuesday, May 31st during the afternoon, we set up an exhibition of Master Tsuda’s calligraphy in the Rispoli library which is located a stone’s throw from the central Piazza Venezia in Rome! For the exhibition, the director of the library was a bit worried and she did not know what to expect. It is necessary to maintain current standards …

When calligraphies where placed, she was astonished and she said: « What finesse, what elegance. » And I would add what a breathing! It ‘s nice to see the calligraphy of Master Tsuda creating an environment in such of a place and where it is so unlikely to get in.

At 18.00 there was the presentation of the book « The path of less ». We showed the video of the centenary and read several excerpts from the book and from Régis’ interview about calligraphy. About twenty people came and you can tell that in the end there was a general satisfaction.

There was also a bit of distrust about the book, what are they going to propose? A new belief, an orientalism craze at all costs, or who knows what else. Then, through the readings and interventions, we could tell what the true interest was. In the words of Marcel Granet expert sinologist: « I do not care much about Chinese, what interests me is the human being »

The nice thing is that the exhibition will stay until the 9th of June, so other people can see it.

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