Itsuo Tsuda’s Books

The  Non DoingThe Non-Doing

available here Yume Editions
Extract : “Europeans can only act if they understand the reason why beforehand. Hence the need for a development in the realm of thought. This work may prove interesting because, if Europeans understand, other people will follow.
There is a world of difference between having a map with the water sources marked on it and actually quenching one's thirst there.”
The Path Of LessThe Path Of Less
available here : Yume Editions
Extract : “The area in which the West has made its precious contribution to humanity is Evidence. Today, we are in a transition period, the century of uncertainty, in which values solidly entrenched for centuries are being questioned. (...) Indeed, nothing about the aspects of ki is obvious. When they become obvious, they cease to be ki and fall into categories."
CouvTsuda_TheScienceOfTheParticular_MiniThe Science of the Particular
available here : Yume Editions
Extract : "By choosing this somewhat absurd title, The Science of the Particular, I've unintentionally challenged Aristotie's saying that there is no science but of the general. […] And yet a conclusion drawn from general data is of no help when it cornes to knowing exactly what occurs in a particular case, at the vert' moment when this issue takes on vital importance."
available here : Yume Editions
Extract : "As a component of society, individuals struggle with structure, whether they like it or not. Can the acquisition of power give them a chance of fulfilment? Over time, only our way of life has changed. All problems remain unchanged, including life and death. No “recipe” can be valid as long as the Individual does not feel alive."
The Dialogue of silence
available here : Yume Editions
Extract : “This awakening does not come as the result of mental speculations or moralizing agressions. At one point, when one is not expecting it, the door opens and the dialogue begins in silence.”
The Unstable Triangle
available here : Yume Editions
extract : " So it is not impossible, even for civilized humans, to free themselves from the rhetoric world in which they are living and to find their true 'self' again."
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